Eurotunnel International Horse Transport

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Eurotunnel, after intensive testing, has now been granted a licence by DEFRA for the carriage of horses through the Channel Tunnel, cutting journey times between Dover and Calais significantly and making delays due to rough weather a thing of the past.

Rough seas are history - no more waiting at Dover and Calais

LOC International Horse Transport can now take your horse by road, by sea, by air and train.

The ability to use Eurotunnel to transport your horses to the continent brings many benefits:

  • reduced journey times - 35 minutes via train, compared to 90 minutes by ferry
  • no more delays due to bad weather
  • reduced stress to horses during transport - no seasickness and no additional loading / unloading
  • drivers and grooms travel with the horses

Transport your horses safely and securely with LOC International Horse Transport

For safety and animal welfare reasons, Eurotunnel imposes the following regulations for horse transport via the channel tunnel:

  • Horses must travel in a transporter of the appropriate standard, and must have a Type 2 transporter authorisation and appropriate certificate of inspection under Article 18(2) of the Welfare of Animals during Transport regulations (or national equivalent)
  • Additionally, all vehicles need to:
    • be clean and disinfected
    • be leak-proof
    • have onboard battery powered ventilation systems
    • carry sufficient food and water for the journey and onward travel
    • carry cleaning tools.
International horse transport by road, by sea, by air
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