Meet the LOC Team

Meet the LOC Team

LOC’s Professional Driver Grooms

These are the guys and gals that will be looking after your horses on their journey. Regardless of whether you have a dirty, hairy, untraveled pony or highly trained International Competition horses – once they are in the care of our qualified team you can rest assured they will look after your prize possession as if it were their own.

Team LOC: Anton Frisby

Anton Frisby

Anton Frisby has been driving for LOC for many years now and is affectionately known as ‘Fonz’! He originally started off from a racing background and worked for Ralph Beckett & Jonjo O’Neill.

Anton became a freelance groom in 2007 with contracts for Heronden for the Household Cavalry and The Kings Troops under his belt. Anton also drives privately for professional showjumpers, eventers and dressage riders to competitions throughout Europe. Fonz is wonderful with the horses, and will take extra care to ensure that inexperienced or nervous horses have a positive loading and travelling experience - he also has a real soft spot for Friesians and if you’re looking out for him, he’ll be the one sporting the red chinos and snappy sunglasses!

Team LOC: Cameron Campbell

Cameron Campbel

Cameron Campbell along with his wife Suzie is the owner of Campbell Equestrian – a fantastic online shopping site for every kind of equine product you can imagine.

Cam has been transporting horses internationally for many years and is one of LOC’s regular drivers, He can be most often seen in France & Spain on our truck and knows the Spanish roads like the back of his hand (not to mention the location of every McDonalds on route!). He also offers his services as a freelance equine driver and regularly transport horses throughout Europe for international showjumpers and private competitors.

To quote one of Cam’s favourite sayings….. ‘Happy Days!’

Team LOC: Diane Gaunt

Diane Gaunt

Diane Gaunt joined the LOC team in 2015 having spent the last 15 years as a Pro Show Jumping groom for Caroline Wilks. Di worked on eventing and show jumping everything from 12’2hh ponies’ to finishing on both European teams and grooming to an International level.

Di was kept very busy managing their brood mares and monitoring the foaling down – along with running the livery yard and managing their competition horses! She is also a qualified BHSAI and has travelled horses to many competitions abroad, Di has a bubbly friendly personality and superb relaxed and easy way with the horses. Di is happy to share her knowledge on all aspects of horsemanship, she is extremely approachable, if you have any questions what so ever then just ask Di.

Di’s next project is to find a Spanish PRE Stallion to take up Dressage with and compete in her spare time!

Team LOC: Emma Hudson

Emma Hudson

Introducing the newest member to join the Driving force at LOC – Please welcome Emma Hudson!!

Emma says she comes from a non-horsey family and when she was 8 a neighbour took her for her first riding lesson and she was hooked! She helped out at the riding school every weekend and during school holidays for a free ride at the end of the day and finally got her own pony when she was 14.

Emma drove her own horse around the country to different courses, in borrowed boxes until she got her own trailer, and then drove her friends 6 horses to show a few times. In 2005 she took her HGV and drove fire engines!

Her vast array of experience includes working in Germany for an Olympic show jumper, then for an International Event rider, as well as a Andalusian stud farm looking after mares, foals, young stock and 24 stallions.

Emma made her way back to the UK and achieved her BHSAI and intermediate stable manager’s certificate; she was head girl on a thoroughbred stud racing yard, and has worked at an equine veterinary hospital as a nurse; Emma taught for 5 years at a busy riding school, and did some freelance teaching which included helping people with difficult loaders. She has also attended many courses learning about horse psychology, how the horse thinks and learns, and about the herd structure – which is a huge help when dealing with difficult horses.

In the past 5 years Emma has been to Brazil many times volunteering for a project (Horses for Orphans) teaching street children Horsemanship through relationship, communication and leadership, as well as teaching them English.

Emma says ‘When it comes to transporting horses I love the bond you get with the horses that are in your care when doing long trips, I found that when horses are travelling together for a few days they become a little herd together, once the first horse is on the truck the others are all eager to get on the wagon!”

Team LOC: Paul Hulbert

Paul Hulbert

Paul Hulbert has 32 years of HGV class 1 experience and comes from a farming family so from an early age he was brought up handling and transporting all kinds of livestock from horses to ponies, pigs, sheep & cattle. He runs his own livery yard and horse transport business near Crewkerne, Somerset.

Paul says that what he likes about transporting horses on long journeys is gaining their trust & friendship. “You can have a difficult horse at the start of a journey, by the end it’s a real sweetie to handle and also you have a new friend. Also getting the horses or ponies to their destinations without being stressed and in the best of health for the owners to enjoy is a job well done!”.

Team LOC: Rosanna Kuit

Rosanna Kuit

We would like to welcome another lovely lady to our Driving Force at LOC - meet Rosanna Kuit!

Rosanna's experience includes being an active member of Sandown Chase PC as a child and she continued the horse theme by getting a 1st class honours degree in Equine and Agricultural Business Management at the Royal Ag. College in Cirencester. As part of her degree I undertook a 6 month work placement at Pachesham Equestrian Centre and returned for a further 6yrs as the show secretary. She organised affiliated and unaffiliated competitions including dressage, show jumping, ODE's, breed shows, clinics and camps.

Her experience with horse transport started aged 18 when she took her trailer test so that she could travel her own horses. She then went on to get her HGV licence a few years later and since then has done a variety of transport with a hi-ab lorry including general haulage, industrial machinery, artwork and museum exhibits.

After leaving Pachesham in November she decided to combine her experience with horses and driving and joined the team at LOC. Rosanna says "I've really enjoyed travelling to different places and meeting so many different people with their lovely horses. Every horse comes with a story behind their travels and it's great to see them safely to their destination".

When she's not driving she can usually be found riding my Connemara pony Polo, walking 30 miles (on her day off!) with her beloved Lurcher - Pedro or running around the countryside covered in mud. She has a crazy addiction to obstacle course racing and spends every weekend she can either training or racing with her team mates from Team Nuts! Frankly we think she's nuts, but she's a great addition to the team, next week you'll find her delivering and collecting our horses throughout France, Spain and Portugal - WELCOME ROSANNA!

Team LOC: Sally Long

Sally Long

Sally Long has also been driving for LOC for many years now and our clients are always surprised to see her jump down out of the drivers’ seat due to her (ahem) ‘limited stature’.

Sal’s family have event horses in training with Piggy French and they have achieved great results at Badminton and other CSI3/4/5* International Events. Sally is ta qualified British Horse society Instruction (BHSI). Sal has a soft spot for the Welsh ponies and competition horses and ponies too with a keen interest in Dressage to where she started out with Fiona Bigwood.

Sally spends her summers on a mobile fish ‘n chip van feeding hungry festival goers across the UK and after spending some time away to pursue other areas, we are pleased to welcome Sally back into the fold! Our client’s love Sal and everyone remembers her and welcome’s her back. She is also a very talented skier and artist and is setting up her own business alongside the equine transport. Good to have you back Sal!

Who’s at LOC HQ

From your first tentative enquiry right through to following up after the safe delivery of your horse, this is the team at LOC headquarters that you’ll be chatting with to plan your horses travel.

From a wide mix of backgrounds and with differing experience to offer, the ‘Office Girls’ will be help you through every step of the planning process and liaise with our pro driving team to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently. It’s our job to make sure the wheels keep turning!.

Team LOC: Liz O'Connor

Liz O'Connor

Liz O’Connor heads up Team LOC and is the founder, director and ‘Chief Honcho’ – hence the company name (LOC)!

Her vast array of knowledge in all areas of transport logistics, equine travel, equine welfare and general veterinary care ensures that we as a team can go to her for advice or information on any topic so that we can provide the best possible service to our clients. Liz is also the “In house” International CPC holder (which in layman’s terms is the certificated Transport Manager).

Liz enjoys a banter and is always joking and larking about, and generally wants to share all her knowledge, determination, energy and enthusiasm with others. And believe us, she is a hands on boss - not happy to be stuck at her desk for any amount of time, preferring to be outdoors with the horses, driving trucks and getting her hands dirty!

Team LOC: Jodi Walker

Jodi Walker

Jodi Walker has been with LOC since 2012 and is the main office manager. She has a diverse & dynamic job role, meaning she wears many hats as a result and is a true team builder and totally sympathetic to every customers worries and concerns. Jodi has a cracking sense of humour and keeps us all on track – well, where she can, in the work place at least!

Jodi will also be the main point of contact for flight enquiries. Having come from a predominantly office based background Jodi enjoys organising and planning the various trips and chatting with clients to make sure all their questions are answered. The self-confessed ‘happy hacker’ of the group, Jodi has ridden since her early teens and also groomed at a small livery yard for a few years.

Team LOC: Abbie Bizzell

Abbie Bizzell

Abbie Bizzell joined the LOC ranks in Summer 2015 and she hit the ground running. She joins Jodi & Liz in the office sending quotes, organising trips and also maintaining the fleet of hire trailers.

Before coming to LOC, Abbie was a groom for an event rider, and spent time with an agricultural Vet’s as part of the research team. Having ridden since the age of 6, Abbie has her own horse ‘Worzel’ who she works hard to ride each morning before work, and has high expectations of eventing (we’re not so sure that Worzel is totally in agreement though!).

If you’re calling the office, you’ll probably be chatting with Abbie as a first port of call. Oh, and Abbie is also our in-house fashion guru – from tussled top knots to colourful mismatched socks with her jodhpurs and plimsolls – Abbie’s style is unlike any other!

Team LOC: Mary O'Connor

Mary O'Connor

Mary O’Connor (ah, the lovely Mary) is Liz’s mum and works part time at LOC HQ. You’ll often see her name at the bottom of your invoice asking for money and Mary mainly helps out with keeping the books and accounts in order (she keeps us all in line too!).

Mary retired in 2013 after some 30 years as a director in one of the UK’s largest plant and tool hire companies – which also formed part of FTSE 100 Company Ashtead Group plc, the second largest equipment rental company in the world.

Team LOC: Sharon


Sharon joined the LOC team 9 months ago on a part-time ad-hoc basis – she is mainly involved behind the scenes, working on maintaining the vast databases and keeping in touch with potential clients that we have quoted.

Sharon is a mum of 2 children, both at secondary school, with an extended family consisting of her 14.2hh Cob pony, 2 dogs and a cat. She first started horse riding at 7 years old and has worked with horses ever since. Sharon spent many years working as an IT Analyst for the Police and Forensic Science Service. In between, she has had many happy years being a Freelance Groom and working at an Equine Veterinary practice.

Sharon also has an HONS BSc Geology degree from Southampton Uni! Her role at LOC combines both her computer and equine knowledge….perfect!

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